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We are a vibrant, young company whose staff have many years of experience both in the field and office and are accustomed to seeing a site investigation through from original design to site works with production of factual and interpretative reports. Our unique blend of skills enables us to provide quality cost-effective solutions to meet your specifications and through clear and effective communication we are able to identify areas where savings can be made.

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These bespoke rigs are designed, built and tested. They provide a fast and efficient way of sampling to a depth of 1 – 2 metres below bottom of sleeper enabling our clients to analyse the tracked properties for renewals and improvements.

B.A.T.S® Advantages

- No Hand Arm Vibration issues as the operatives do not hold a jackhammer improving safety
- Fast and works off a Hand Trolley so no On Track Plant required
- Larger Sample recovered than standard versions enabling more relevant testing of the samples

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Be it a railway embankment or cellar with a low ceiling, the majority of standard rigs available either cannot access the site in a safe manner or are unsuitable due to access restrictions, exhaust fumes or overhead hazards.

Key Features

- It breaks down to hand portable parts conforming to Manual Handling regulations
- Drill the same diameter hole and often deeper than a tracked window sampling rig
- Can access difficult sites i.e. railway embankments, inside houses, cellars
- Limited height enables us to work under live overhead cables

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