Window/Windowless Sampling – Tracked Rig

Samples are retrieved in a clear plastic tube (windowless) or in a metal sampler with windows (window).
U70 and U100 samples can be retrieved
Quality of samples makes it ideal for contaminated land investigations.

Calibrated Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)

Dynamic probe follow-on DPSH (Super Heavy 63.5kg) or DPH (Heavy 50kg).
Holes can be cased using a 115mm duplex system.
Can install piezometers (to measure water) and inclinometers (to measure ground movement)


Used for investigations in areas of bedrock or hard soils.
Can drill down through most drift materials using either rotary or percussive methods then either core (with sample) or open hole (no sample) the bedrock.

Can be used with air/ air mist/ water/ mud flush (water with a polymer) depending on the sensitivity of the site.

Calibrated Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)

Can retrieve all types of samples from disturbed to class 1 undisturbed and is the only solution in hard soils/ bedrock.


Attachments for the window sampling & LLAMR rigs
These allow the rig to core the hole prior to drilling.

Hand held (electric & hydraulic)
Ideal for smaller cores where trigger time is not expected to be very long. Fast assessment of brick and weaker concrete structures.

Rig mounted (electric & hydraulic)
Used where a deeper or large diameter cores are required.
The rig frame will be bolted on to the structure to be cored.
Most suitable solution for more solid structures with strong concrete or engineering brick

All 3 systems use a water flush.
Cores recovered are suitable for a variety of laboratory testing.
Reinstate using a fast setting mortar or concrete depending specification.


Used to determine the resistance of soils.
Does not recover samples
Can be undertaken by window sampling & LLAMR rigs or its own standalone unit.
DPSH – ‘Super Heavy’ (63.5kg) drilled with a window sampling or LLAMR rig
DPH – ‘Heavy’ (50kg) drilled using a tracked, LLAMR or standalone unit
DPM & DPL – ‘Medium’ (30kg) and ‘Light’ (10kg) drilled using a LLAMR or standalone pneumatic unit which is extremely portable
TRL probe – unique probe developed by the Transport Research Laboratory and is specifically designed to enable the design of roadways
Mackintosh penetrometer – Extremely lightweight standard designed to enable the fast assessment of soft or loose soils.

Trial Pitting

Hand Dug
usually service pits to maximum 1.2m deep.
Foundation pits allow assessment of existing foundations or obstructions.

Machine Dug
various depths to maximum 4.5m.
Good visual assessment of soils which may be contaminated.
Undertake soakaway testing to BRE365, CBR testing and Plate Bearing Tests.


The most traditional form of drilling that spans back hundreds of years.

Although large and cumbersome they are however the only solution if dense gravels and blowing sands are expected.
Disturbed and undisturbed samples including bulk samples can be retrieved and logged using this method.
Calibrated Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)
Borehole Vane Testing and Permeability Testing possible.